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Av. Independencia 3700
(C1226AAO) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tel: +54 (11) 4932-2322
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Departamento de Ventas

Sucursal Santa Fe
Ing. Cristian Busnadiego

Teléfono: (0341) 153-283899

Sucursal Bahía Blanca
Ing. Eric Sanchez
- Instrumentación y Control
Teléfono: (0291) 154361254
Ing. Candela Uler - Válvulas y Accesorios
Teléfono: (0291) 155044956

Sucursal La Plata
Ing. Paula Marre

Teléfono: (0221) 155040073

Thermal Validation Systems

  • AVS Thermal validator
  • RFValProbe: Wireless Validation System
  • ValProbe: Wireless Validation System
  • Temperature references
  • LabWatch: Continuos monitoring, alarming and reporting system

Test & Calibration Instruments

  • Laboratory and portable instruments for calibration
  • Temperature and pressure calibrators
  • Bath and Dry block calibrators
  • Multicalibrators
  • Pressure transducers



Ground Support Equipment Air Data Test Systems - ADTS 500 Series

  • Portable pitot-static test systems
  • RVSM compliant
  • Fully programmable military and civil versions
  • EMC and overpressure protection for aircraft instruments and systems
  • Rugged compact and weatherproof construction

RVI Remote Visual Inspection Measurement & Inspection

  • VideoProbe Mentor Visual iQ (video borescope). 3D Phase or 3D Stereo
  • PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Camera

Ensayos no destructivos

  • Eddy Current
  • Hardness testing
  • Radiography & CT
  • Ultrasound portables