About Us

CV control has been providing Valves and Instruments for Oil&Gas, Power, Chemical, Petrochemical, Iron&Steel and other process industries since 1978.
Our products are compromised with quality, safety and environmental care providing a personalized service that assures maximum confidence..

Our service starts with our technical support previous to the acquisition of the products, includes start up and training, and extends our service to the local warranty.

CV Control keeps the innovative spirit of its beginnings, the experience of almost 40 years and the flexibility that requires the actual times.

By representing world leading companies, CV Control has been recognized by customers and providers based on responsibility and seriousness.

Our Management System has been certificated under ISO 9001:2000 standard in 2004 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, has been revalidated on September 2010 and has been recertified by the new ISO 9001:2015 version in August 2016. This was a new achievement to the continuous improvement to meet our customer needs.


Provide our customers with technological products and associated services that fully meet their needs and expectations, contributing to the efficiency and safety of their processes.


To be the leading company in the national and Latin American market in supplies and services for measurement, control and process optimization.

Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Make important contributions to improve the efficiency and safety of our clients’ processes by giving immediate response to their requirements with associated products and services that fully meet their needs.

Analyze the capabilities and limitations of our existing resources to ensure the maintenance of continuous improvement of the SGI.

Commit ourselves to the training of people to achieve the success of our activities, recognizing their effort and dedication.

Encourage communication and encourage individual creativity for the best achievement of objectives.

Commit to the prevention of damage and occupational diseases of all people who work for the company and with the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.

Work actively directing our effort towards growth in compliance with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the company subscribes.

Permanently update us to accompany technological developments in the area of ​​instruments and valves for measurement and control.

To promote the increase of trust and satisfaction of the client and the interested parties through the constant evaluation of the management system for its improvement.

Ing. Héctor Maceri
Managing Director
Buenos Aires Rev. 1 – 28/02/2018


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